Friday, July 27, 2018

Weed Harvester Operation

Dear Friends of the Lake;

We have had several inquiries about the weed harvester. The weed harvester is being operated and maintained by the City of Forest Lake with the FLLA paying for both the running and maintenance of the harvester. In years past the harvester was run by volunteers of the FLLA. However in the last few years it became increasingly hard to find enough volunteers to operate the harvester enough so we are now paying the city to run the harvester 3-4 days a week. We have found this to be efficient and cost effective.

This year has been a heavy weed growth year and the harvester has been working since after July 4th. So far the harvester has removed over 130 tons of weeds or about 13 large dump truck loads. The weeds are being transported to a compost site for disposal.

The FLLA is required to have a DNR permit that only allows cutting of native weeds in designated areas around the lake. Generally we can only cut in navigation channels and those areas that have had heavy documented weed growth for several years. The weed harvester cannot cut weeds not in the designated areas according to the DNR permit.

More importantly the weed harvester cannot cut in areas where there is any AIS and therefore we are only cutting native weeds.

Not cutting AIS is one of the critical aspects that that must be strictly adhered to in order to not spread AIS. The weed harvester will continue operating into August and hopefully will help many of you.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact me.

Jerry Grundtner - President

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Dear Friends of the Lake;

With the impending rain and wind this afternoon we have decided to move our Free BBQ today. 

We were supposed to be at Lakeside Memorial Park but we are moving the BBQ to the Forest Lake Floral Garden Center. The BBQ will be from 5:30 -7:30 PM. We will be set up inside the green house area. This will offer us a great venue which will be dry and out of the wind and have beautiful flowers too.

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying some great socializing and fabulous food from Famous Daves.

Forest Lake Board of Directors


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Reminder 3rd Annual Free BBQ

Dear Friends of the Lake;

This is a reminder that the 3rd annual Forest Lake Lake Association Free Annual BBQ will be held on Thursday, July 19th from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM. The BBQ will be held at Lakeside Memorial Park.

This Free BBQ is open to all FLLA members and their families. Famous Dave's Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken Sandwiches along with sides, drinks and dessert will be served.

This is the 3rd Annual BBQ and we hope you are able to attend to enjoy some great food, socialize with other FLLA members and have a meal out of the house.

We have a great and vibrant membership and this is a way to say Thank you for your support and membership.

See you on the 19th.

Jerry Grundtner - President


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Pontoon Boat Tie-Up

Dear Friends of the Lake;

This is another reminder and further information on the pontoon boat tie-up that is happening on July 15th in conjunction with the power boat races on Forest Lake. The tie-up will be on 1st lake and we will start tieing up at 2:30 PM. We will be tied-up just outside the race boundaries in the designated safe area but will have great viewing of the races. The races actually start at 3:00 Pm on the 15th.

The center of the tie-up will be a 38'-0" pontoon barge that Twin City Dock has just acquired and we will tie both directions from the barge. Please see the picture below. Look for the barge when you come out to 1st lake.

Make sure you bring something to drink and plan on a great time watching the races and socializing with fellow FLLA members.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail the FLLA.

Jerry Grundtner - President

Monday, June 25, 2018

Lake Advisory: Lake 2 Fluorescent Green Algae Blobs

Dear Friends of the Lake:

During the past several weeks, strange fluorescent green algae blobs have been showing up in Lake 2 in large numbers. We contacted well known lake consultant Steve McMcomas (Blue Science Inc.) to help identify the problem and here is what his assessment is:

"Those fluorescent green globs are filamentous algae.  The species in 2nd lake is a non-toxic green algal species.  It has a slimy gel-like appearance.  It is going to be around for most of the summer. Occasionally it will rise to the surface and float as well."

"This is a natural outcome of slightly improving water clarity. Nutrient (phosphorus) pulses are not the probable cause.  This type of algae growth will likely occur in the future and in some years may be worse than other years.  Zebra mussels are clearing the water allowing better sunlight penetration which stimulates the algae growth. The algal cysts have been present in all 3 basins for decades, and will grow when all the right conditions come together.  Sounds like conditions are favorable in 2nd lake."

"The algae is harmless.  It can be treated with copper sulfate, but is difficult to control and will pop up some place else.  The life cycle is about 60 days.  It will likely be gone by August."

Hope this explanation was helpful.

Forest Lake Lake Association Board
Steve Schmaltz, Board Member