Friday, February 22, 2019

Support Grants to Lake Associations

Dear Friends of the Lake;

The board of directors of the Forest Lake Lake Association (FLLA) would like you to support the following legislative bill currently being considered in the Minnesota Senate. The information below is from Minnesota Lakes and Rivers an organization that the FLLA belongs to.

AIS continues to be a significant issue for Forest Lake. It is the largest issue that the lake association will be spending on in future years. The control of AIS will remain a challenge. There are other species of AIS that we do have in Forest Lake which are worse than what we currently have. These other species could easily get into our lake and the cost to control them could be significant.

We need state funding to help Lake Associations like FLLA to combat AIS. Forest Lake, like many other lakes in Minnesota, is at war with AIS and we need to continue to work hard to protect our lake now and for future generations. This all cost money. This bill, if passed, would provide an opportunity for the FLLA to obtain funding to fight AIS.

Please consider sending your support for this bill. Click on the "Take Action" button below. It really only takes about 2 minutes to fill out the form and send an e-mail.

Thank you

Forest Lake Lake Association Board of Directors
Jerry Grundtner, President

Dear Friend,

For many years the MN DNR made about $800,000 in grants to lake associations to help them manage aquatic invasive species. But in 2016 they cut the grants in half, to $400,000. The next year they ended them altogether.

SF 1062, authored by Senator Rich Draheim, and joined by Senators Rudd, Ingebrigtsen, Jensen, and Eichorn would, if passed into law, provide $1 million of General Fund money in 2020 and 2021 for matching grants to lake associations for controlling aquatic invasive species. No more than 10% of the funding may go to a single lake association. 

Click the Blue "Take Action" button below to send your Senator an email asking them to support this legislation. While AIS is a statewide problem, for too long the costs have been local. Lake Associations deserve support in the work they do to protect the public good of healthy lake ecosystems.

Monday, February 11, 2019

2019 Lake Programs and Improvement Plans

Dear Friends of the Lake;

Here is a list of our upcoming 2019 Programs and Lake Improvement Plans.

1. Your 2019 Membership: A Key Driver of Lake Improvement    

Your $50 annual contribution is the best investment you can make in protecting & improving both your lake and   lake property value. As membership has grown from 7 members in 2008 to over 350 paid members today, so has our ability increased to represent the needs of the lake through collaboration with key funding partners such as the Comfort Lake Forest Lake Watershed District( CLFLWD), the City of Forest Lake , Department of Natural Resources(DNR) and Washington County.

2. Forest Lake Lake Improvement Programs

   A. Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Management
  • Watercraft inspections ($53,000 budget). 2650 hours of watercraft inspections at the three boat launches to help prevent other AIS from entering the lake.
  • Management of AIS ($125,000 budget). Treatment to control Eurasian Water Milfoil, Curly Leaf Pondweed, and eradicate Flowering Rush (99% eradicated).
  • Implement Rapid Response Program ($3,000 budget). Develop plan to prevent Starry Stonewort and Spiny Flea AIS from entering Forest Lake.
  • Zebra Mussel ($0) Continue to monitor.          
   B. Water Quality (clarity) Improvement (treating storm water runoff to remove phosphorus(P))
  • City street sweeping program ($45,000). Complete the optimized program developed. Implement the actual street sweeping. 168 pounds /year of P removed
  • Finalize the Shields Lake storm water harvest and irrigation reuse system (Forest Hills GolfClub). Project was started in fall of 2018. 256 pounds/year of P will be removed from Forest Lake and an average of 26 million gallons of well water/yr will be saved by the Forest Hills Golf Club. Program cost: $1,030,000 supported by a $824,000 state Clean Water Fund grant.
  • Define and apply for grant funding for major P reducing projects ($165,000). This involves initial planning and implementation for the three high P contributing sub-watersheds to Forest lake: Judicial ditch #6 (739 pounds P), Hayward Ave (213 pounds P), Castlewood Golf Course(131 pounds).
  • New diagnostic study to identify the next P reducing projects on Forest Lake.($30,000)
  • Water quality monitoring of all three lakes (4 FLLA volunteers)

3. FLLA Programs and Activities Scheduled for 2019
  • Lake Update/Education... timely e-mails sent on lake issues, programs and lake education.($3000)
  • Annual Lake Ice Clean-up ( March TBD)
  • FLLA Annual Meeting( April 25,2019)
    • -Potential Impact of Starry Stonewort (AIS) on the lake: Steve McComas, Blue Water Science .
    • Review Of $1.0M Shields Lake/Forest Hills Golf Club Project: Mike Kinney,CLFLWD
    • Options for Shoreline Vegetation Control: Rob Dodd, Specialist, DNR
  • FLLA "free" Family Barbecue (June 20) $2500
  • Weed Harvesting Program ( June - August) $5000
  • Pontoon Boat Tie- Up Social Outing( July 13)

The FLLA appreciates your membership and support along with your dues contribution. The great work that is being done could not be accomplished without your support.

Just a reminder... if you change your email address, don't forget to tell us so we can keep you updated.

Forest Lake Lake Association Board of Directors
Jerry Grundtner, President

Monday, January 28, 2019

2018 Year End Report

Year End Summary of 2018 Forest Lake Lake Association Water Quality, AIS, Educational, Social and Fund Raising Activities

Dear Friends of the Lake;

Another year has passed and many exciting and significant activities have occurred in regards to Forest Lake. This summary describes those activities in a manner that we trust will be both informative and interesting. Your annual membership dues contribution to the Forest Lake Lake Association (FLLA) is the best investment you can make in protecting and improving both your lake and lake property values. As our membership has grown from 7 members in 2008, to over 375 members today, so has our ability increased to represent the needs of the lake through collaboration with key funding partners such as the Comfort Lake Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD), the City of Forest Lake, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and Washington County.

The FLLA appreciates your membership and support along with your dues contribution. The great work that is being done could not be accomplished without your support.

Forest Lake Lake Association Board of Directors
Jerry Grundtner, President

Friday, August 17, 2018

Shields Lake Project

Dear Friends of the Lake;

One of the major contributors of phosphorus to Forest Lake is from Shield's Lake which is right next to the Forest Hills Golf course.  

Attached is an invite for you and your neighbors to attend an open house to better understand  this exciting project and what it will do to improve Forest Lake. 

Phosphorus is one of the major contributors to algae growth and water quality.  This project when completed will have a great impact on improving Forest Lake. This is an exciting project and one we should all support.

I hope you able to attend.

Thank you

Jerry Grundtner - President

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Changed date for treatment Flowering Rush

Please note that the treatment date has been changed to the week of August 20th due to several reasons.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Flowering Rush Herbicide Treatment on Forest Lake, Round 2 of 2

Forest Lake - The Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District, in conjunction with the City of Forest Lake, Forest Lake Lake Association, Washington County, and MN Department of Natural Resources, will be conducting the second of two rounds of aquatic invasive species herbicide treatment of flowering rush on Forest Lake during the week of August 20th. The herbicide that will be used is called Tribune (active ingredient is Diquat) and will be applied by the licensed applicator company, PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. PLM will treat patches of flowering rush in Forest Lake's middle (2nd lake) and east (3rd lake) basins. Signs will be posted along the shoreline as necessary, but due to the large span of the treatment areas throughout the lake, it is not time-efficient for PLM to post signs on each and every lot. There are no fishing or swimming restrictions for this treatment. Additional water use restriction information can be found on page 11 of the Tribune product label (see restrictions for application rate of 2 gallons/surface acre) link here: Tribune product label.

Signatures for aquatic invasive plant treatments are not required for the Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has waived the signature requirement, as allowed by state statute. The law requires notification to lakeshore owners on how to opt-out of treatments. According to Minnesota Statutes (103G.615, Sec. 78, Subd 3a,b,c), the District is required to notify landowners of proposed treatments, offering them an opportunity to request that treatment not occur on waters adjacent to their property. (Adjacency is defined as waters within 150 feet of the shore lake-ward between property lines). It is the landowner's right to request treatment not be performed in front of their property. Contact the District using the information below to opt out.

Additional notifications for this year's treatment program were sent out earlier this summer. These included a post-card that was mailed to all residents on Forest Lake, handouts distributed by watercraft inspectors at public boat launches, posting in the Forest Lake Times, and an informational email by the Forest Lake Lake Association.

Those who wish to opt out of treatment may do so by contacting:
Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District
44 Lake Street South, Suite A
Forest Lake, MN 55025
(651) 395-5850

Jerry Grundtner - President