Thursday, April 28, 2016

Forest Lake Lake Association Meeting

Forest Lake Lake Association Meeting (April 9th 2016)

Last week on April 19th the Forest Lake Lake Association kicked off the boating and fishing season with its annual informational meeting. It was a resounding success as well over a hundred thirty concerned community members attended.

 The meeting included special presentations from the local watershed district, the DNR and renowned aquatic invasive species (AIS) expert Dr. Steve McComas. Dr. McComas went into great detail on the current health of Forest Lake, especially regarding aquatic invasive species. While he touched on all of the AIS currently affecting Forest Lake, he focused primarily on the recent introduction of Zebra Mussels that occurred last year. His extensive studies throughout Minnesota and especially those here in Forest Lake provided attendees with a greater understanding of what the future of Forest Lake will look like.

Mike Sorensen of the Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District discussed the upcoming projects directed toward improving Forest Lake water quality along with a detailed analysis of how these projects are budgeted. Mr. Sorensen also illustrated the important part the FLLA plays in supporting the Watershed Districts efforts.

Finally, local DNR representative Jon Hansen gave a great presentation on the status of fish in Forest Lake and the stocking efforts that have been in place over the years. As it turns out, Forest Lake is one of the best sport fishing lakes in the metro area! Unfortunately, Hansen did not reveal any of his favorite fishing spots.

Going forward, we hope to continue to see this great turn out from our community at our many events this year. The Forest Lake Lake Association works tirelessly towards the betterment of Forest Lake and with the community’s support we hope to keep Forest Lake one of the premier lakes in the region.