Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Need a Lake Monitor

Dear Friends of the Lake,

We need  volunteers to fill some gaps in our lake monitoriong program for this summer.  Lake monitoring involves taking water clarity readings and water samples primarily for lake 2 for the Watershed District.These lake data are important for two reasons:

1. Track the health of our lake

2. Data is needed to qualify for future lake grant $$.

1. Must have a boat

2.Take water clarity readings and water samples every two weeks from May through most of October. It takes about 30 min every two weeks.Equipment,  training and a schedule  are provided.

3.You will have a backup person to cover for you if there are times you cannot take the samples.

If you think you might be interested or want more info either reply to this email or call:

1.Steve Schmaltz(Pres FLLA) @651 777 5277 or call
2.Doug Thomas( Admin , CL FL Watershed District) @ 651 209 9753

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

FLLA Board of Directors

Sunday, February 5, 2012

City Survey on Priorities

Dear Friends of the Lake,

The City is requesting input from the Community to update its three year plan and spending priorities.
Below is the community meeting schedule for THIS WEEK and four questions the City wants to address.

If it is, please take the time to tell the city that the lake is one of the Community's most important recreational and economic (taxes and visitor traffic generated) asset. The value and quality of the lake needs to be protected and improved....not neglcted.
Express your opinion by either :
1.Attending one of the following meetings listed below OR
2. Send an email to The Mayor,Chris Johnson, and to our four Council members by clicking thefollwing email address:

Please copy the FLLA at so we know how many responses the City received.

We have built a good partnership with the City on controlling invasive weed species. However , other pressing lake issues need to be addresed and if we want to maintain and improve our position with the City, everyone needs to do their part by letting the city know how you fell about the lake.

Thanks for your support,
The FLLA Board of Directors

Monday, Feb 6th @ 7PM @ Hossana Lutheran Church , 9300 Scandia Trail
Wed, Feb 8th @7PM @ Sports Complex, 5530 206th Street N
Thur, Feb 9th @ 7PM@ Forest Lake Elementary Media Center, @ 408 th Street SW


1. What do you love about living in Forest Lake?
2. What is Forest Lake missing?
3. What an Forest Lake do today to be vital in the future?
4. What can bring economic growth to Forest Lake?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lake Stormwater Culverts

Forest Lake Culverts/Drainage Ditches

17149 N Shore TrailBig Drainage?
2Between 7411-7415 N Shore TrailSmall?
3Between 7480-7485 N Shore TrailVery large…drains big sub division?
422800 Hayward Ave NDrains a very large wetlandsLaporte
5Between 7841-7871 N Shore Trail Tim Sheehan
68789? N Shore Trl between 8739and 876948 inch culvertMike McAfee
7Between 21910-21920 Ideal Ave N Frank Petron
89089 N Shore Trailditch goes into culvert which disappearsJeff Lichtscheidl
99591 N Shore Trl on Log Lane Craig Reed
1020996 Juno Ave Nright down from the Log Cabin RestGreg Dumke
1121431 Iverson Ave N John Tomlin
12Another Culvert 1 block west of above address on lake easement @ end of Iverson J Tomlin
13Between  21421-21431 Iverson Ave Nmay be same property as aboveDave Fink
14East side of 907 19th Street SE Jean Olson
151605 12th Ave SEgolf course culvertBrian Johnson
16A few houses to the right of above propertyVery large drainage from Castlewood Golf CourseBrian Johnson
1722156  Jason Ave NCulvert drains into a bay channelBill Grams

Source:  Input from members of the Forest Lake Lake Association(1/2012)