Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zebra Mussels

Dear Friends of the Lake,
One of our major, continuing goals for Forest Lake is to prevent contamination by the invasive species zebra mussels.  Over the last two years the Association has worked with the Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District to arrange for hundreds of boat ramp inspections/education by the DNR for zebra mussels. 
If zebra mussels do enter the lake, early detection will be key to a rapid response program to contain and fight the problem. Therefore, as you remove your docks/boats this fall, we’d like each of you to check them for zebra mussels (a hard, shell like structure). Report any findings to either Liz Swanson (651-347-0478) of the FLLA or Doug Thomas, Administrator, CLFL Watershed District (651-209-9753). 

If you would like additional information on this topic, we've included a link to the Minnesota DNR website that discusses zebra mussels in detail: 

A year end report on the lake condition and accomplishments this year and plans for 2012 programs will be sent out in mid November.
Thanks for your ongoing support.
FLLA Board of Directors