Saturday, June 19, 2010

6-19-2010 Newsletter


Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) is a nuisance invasive species in Forest Lake. It grows rapidly in less than 15 ft of water to form a mat like structure near the surface, restricting boating, water skiing and jet skiing. It chokes out native weed species. It dies in early July and floats to shore while releasing phosphorus which contributes to summer algae blooms. It’s turions( seeds) can germinate up to three years later.

The most efficient way to control CLP is through a DNR approved herbicide treatment program. This year represents the second year of large area herbicide treatment of CLP in Forest Lake .In mid May , Lake Management ,Inc treated a total of 155 acres of CLP in Forest Lake under DNR protocol.

On our
 website is a map of the areas treated on Lakes 1,2 & 3.On Lake 3, 63 acres were treated, on Lake 2, 37 acres and on Lake 1, 55 acres were treated for the first time. We expect to see significant improvement in open water, fewer shoreline weed wash up (depending on the wind direction).

The areas of CLP treated were selected by the DNR based on thorough weed survey of Forest Lake(96 point intercept study conducted by the DNR and our local Watershed District). The survey identifies clusters of CLP as follows: Abundant CLP( 75-100 % CLP),Common CLP(50-75% CLP), Scattered CLP(25-50% CLP). The areas selected for treatment   were rated as “Abundant” and “common” so as to attack the worst areas first.

A number of our members have asked  why we don’t treat in front of their homes. As noted above, we focused on the worst areas as identified by the survey. In addition, DNR treatment protocol recommends treating an area for three years to control CLP seeds (Turions) trapped in the bottom which can germinate up to three years later. After three years , we can move the treatment to a new area and thus provide relief to other lakeshore owners.

This years treatment of 155 acres cost $31,930. the City paid $25,000 and the FLLA contributed $6,193. We could treat up to 225 acres per year , if we had the funding. The Association has two big issues to solve if we are going to be able to move faster on the treatment program:
Only 50% of our 244 members have paid this years dues… please pay your dues (only $40). We will be electronically invoicing non-payers this week.

Our membership of 244 is less than 25% of the 1100 lakeshore homeowner potential. Our goal is 400 this year. Go sign up one of your neighbors…who probably is not a member!!

We will have a update on this years harvesting program shortly. Thank you for your continuing support!!
Steve Schmaltz