Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Annual Forest Lake Lake Association Meeting

Annual Forest Lake Lake Association Meeting

April 22, 2014

1. Call Meeting to Order 7:08 pm
2. Introduce Board Members
3. Bank Balance / Treasurer’s Report

  • a. Lake Management collecting dues & donations 
  • b. Invoices will be sent out in May – why the delay 
  • c. March 31, 2014 -- Bank Balance $25,213
  • d. Future expenses include Navigation Bouys, Weed Harvester Maintenance Repairs, website and Rapid Response Plan for Invasive Species 

4. Lake Improvement Committee Meeting in March

  • a. 2014 Lake Treatment Areas -- 
  • b. Coordinate funding sources
  • c. Partnerships with City of FL, CLFL WSD, DNR 

5. Steve McComas – Blue Water Science

  • a. State of the Lake
  • b. Curly Leaf Pond Weed
  • c. Point intercept – what is it, why it is important & findings
  • d. What is a buffer and why is it a benefit to the Lake

6. Mike Kinney  - Comfort Lake Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFL WSD) Administrator

  •   a. DNR Boat Launch Inspection 
  •   b. CLFL WSD Projects - Hilo Lane Project - Shoreline restoration projects 
  •   c.  Other projects CLFL WSD 

7.  Reports on Weed Harvesting, Navigation Buoys, Lake Clean-up

8.  Fundraiser – Wine Tasting

9.  Other Business

10. Adjourn  8:21 pm

Annual Meeting - April 22nd 2014


State of the Lake Presentation - April 2014


Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Ice Clean Up

2014 Ice Clean Up

Thanks to the volunteers who helped make our annual Lake Cleanup another success!  We filled  ½  a dumpster with lake trash ranging from remnants from several fish houses to general plastic, glass and aluminium trash.

Kevin and Shawn Marois with Keller Williams Premier Realty donated $100 to anyone finding their business card which had previously been attached to a piece of trash.  Vannelli's by the Lake provded lunch after the clean up and the Robert's Family provided a beer, soda or glass of wine to each volunteer.

And one of our younger volunteers found a treasure of her own during the clean up.

Thank you from the FLLA Board of Directors for your volunteer participation and to all members for your continued support