Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forest Lake Wrestling Dock Project

Dear Friends of the Lake,

The Forest Lake wrestling team is trying to raise money to support their sport by taking out docks and lifts. We are sending this information to our membership as a public service to the High School and also because our members may be interested in the service they offer. Please review the information below and contact the wrestling team if you are interested.

FLLA Board

Need help taking your dock out of the lake for winter storage?

Do you like to give back to the community?

The Forest Lake High School Wrestling Team would like to partner with you.  The wrestlers have been taking docks out for residents on area lakes for several years.  We offer our services to the public to help raise funds for the wrestling program.  
All dollars go directly to the wrestling program!   

Dock Project Info:

Date:  Saturday, October 8th - All day - One day only!!!

Cost:  Negotiable, however a minimum donation of $150 is suggested.  We want to be flexible.  Our goal is to remove each dock within an hour.  We do request a larger donation for docks over 100', boat lifts, docks that are labor intensive or difficult to remove, and docks that take more than an hour to remove.  Again, donations are negotiable. We want to be fair and flexible.

  Due to time and resources, we are limiting ourselves to installing only 24 docks.  First come, first served!  After the first 24, we will start a waiting list.  So, please be sure to call or e-mail ASAP.

Contact:  Billy Pierce, FL Head Wrestling Coach, e-mail: 
wpierce@forestlake.k12.mn.us or call:651-491-9995

Information Needed:  When contacting to sign-up, please be ready to give specifics regarding your dock, such as: type of dock, dock length, water depth, boat/jet ski lifts, how long does it take you to remove?, and any other important information that can help us prepare.  We'll also need your address, phone #, e-mail address, and lake.

Appointment Times:  You should be contacted by Tuesday, October 4th with an appointment time.  When contacted, you will be given a 3 hour time slot for your dock removal appointment (e.g. 9:00am-12:00pm).  We will do our best to stick to the schedule.

Tools:  We will bring tools.  However, you will need to provide any special tools or equipment that are required for dock removal. 

Misc. Info.:   The Forest Lake Wrestling team will break up into 4 teams of 10-12 wrestlers, coaches and parents covering Clear Lake, Forest Lake, Martin lake and Linwood Lake.  Each team will be given 6 dock appointments and will start at House A and go to the next closest house down the shoreline.  Time slots will be based on the house we start at and the difficulty of the dock removal.

If you have any questions, please contact Billy Pierce at 
651-491-9995 orwpierce@forestlake.k12.mn.us.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Billy Pierce
Forest Lake Area High school
Special Education Teacher
Head Wrestling Coach
651-982-8422 ext. #2